Land Measurement (Bigha to Acre)

Bigha is a traditional unit in India used to measure land area, often for plots or fields. It's a common measurement that helps determine the size of land. Biswa is a smaller unit within a bigha. People use these measurements a lot in different parts of India to understand how big a piece of land is.

Bigha, Acre, Hectare, Gaj, Biswa, Biswa kacha, Square meter, Square yard, Dismil, Decimal, Square kilometer, Chatak
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1 Bigha = 0 In Uttar Pradesh

*For reference only: Verify with local authorities for exact accuracy.Sometimes value might be vary,

We've mainly focused on units specific to Uttar Pradesh, considering the different standards in various states.

In India, land measurement relies on regional units like Bigha and Acer, varying by state. These standards have local roots and have been in use for a considerable period. Common units nationwide include Bigha, hectares, acres, square meters, and square yards.